Matt Gieselman | M37 restoration

M37 restoration

I bought a 1952 Dodge M37 in April 2008 as my first restoration project.  I decided on the M37 because it's appearance, luckily there are lots of NOS (New Old Stock) parts available. 

The M37 was produced from 1952 - 1969 and saw service in both Korea and Vietnam, there are 6 variants of the M37:

  • M37 and M37B1 Cargo Truck
  • M42 Command Truck
  • M43 Ambulance
  • M56 & M53 Chassis Truck
  • V41 Maintenance Truck (M201)

My M37 has the PTO driven winch which adds 300 lbs to the overall weight of the truck.

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  • It means "Power Take Off", that is what drives the winch in this case, or a bush hog on a tractor etc.
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